26 Blessings on the 26th Day of March

by Katie on March 27, 2015

In many respects, March 26th was a nightmare. The start of our Easter Break, I had high hopes of seeing my family, curling up in my bed, and being so content to have my normal life back – to some degree.

Instead, I slept poorly and only had a few hours to prepare for the day, the Subway at the BWI airport was having issues with their card reader – meaning no gift card usage for Katie, I didn’t get a real dinner because I was dealing with a flight delay, and I missed my connecting flight in Minneapolis to get to Omaha, meaning I was spending the night in the airport. My 15 hours of travel suddenly become more than 24 hours long…

No, the 26th Day of March does not rank high on my list of Best Days On Team! But there were hidden blessings in the whole day. Let’s explore them, shall we?

26 Blessings || GraceAccepted.com26) I woke up in the morning with enough time to load the van and leave on time with my team.
25) Josh sent a hilarious SnapChat of our team driving away from his home.
24) I got the freshest breakfast at Chick-Fil-A – I had to wait for it to finish cooking it was so fresh!
23) The manager at Chick-Fil-A was kind and wished our team well on our journey!
22) I laughed with Taylor, Aarika, and Johanna on the way to Bowie, MD to park the van and trailer.
21) Bonding time with Johanna and Aarika as we waited for Aarika to go through security!
20) My suitcase was so light I could move shoes from my carry-on to my checked bag!
19) Johanna and I found this great seating area at BWI and got to see Aarika’s airplane before it took off!
18) I have amazing friends who sent me encouraging text messages all day!
17) I made it through security hassle-free.
16) When my flight was delayed and I was having issues rebooking, nice individuals at the gate gave me advice!
15) I could share with many people the ministry of Youth Encounter while waiting to board and talk about how amazing Jesus is!
14) I was able to switch seats with a grandmother who wanted to sit by her grandson on the plane. (I was kind of annoyed when this happened…but…)
13) The middle seat in my flight from BWI to MSP was open!
12) My sister gave me an amazing book to read so that I could stay busy in-flight.
11) I got to drink complimentary Fresca! (THE BEST!)
10) When we found out the connecting flight to Omaha had already departed upon landing, one gentleman offered to let me ride with him to Des Moines and another woman offered to split a hotel room with me for the night. People are so kind and not even remotely out for themselves. Amazing.
09) A gate agent for Delta that wasn’t even at my gate helped me get my flight for tomorrow confirmed! She even had a smile on her face!
08) My family and friends were supportive and made me smile when I was stressing about what to do for the night.
07) 24-Hour Subway!
06) The suggestion by my prayer partner to listen to a new song! (Check out “The Sun Is Rising” by Britt Nicole! Really!)
05) I got to feel like an irresponsible college kid again by pulling an all-nighter!
04) I got a night with God that I wasn’t expecting.
03) TriviaCrack solved all problems of boredom!
02) My dad promised to wake up extra early to pick me up from Omaha on the 27th and talked to me as I wandered MSP for thirty minutes searching for food!
01) God kept me safe, gave me subtle reminders to keep my cool and love as he does – even through frustration, and he offered me grace for the moments I may have snapped at unintentionally when I was upset, angry from hunger, and simply wanting my own bed.

We don’t always have a good day, but good things come from each day. By making this list, I know that my March 26th wasn’t a total waste. In fact, looking back at it…it was a pretty darn good day! Heck, it was a great one! (Besides, I’m hanging out at a 24-hour Subway in an airport. That’s TeamLife at its finest!) What’s even better is that I have memorized the automated TSA announcements about unattended luggage. Don’t leave it alone…it may get inspected and even destroyed.

While it was fun, I don’t think I want to spend 24 hours driving, sitting in airports, and flying ever again.

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