It’s Okay Being the Sheep

I just finished doing my daily devotion. I’m working my way through a Max Lucado book I received as a Christmas present. Some days I love it and some days I don’t, but it always serves the purpose of getting me in the word and focused on listening for God.

Sometimes, I forget that he uses the simplest ways to communicate with us. Today, it was a reminder of my call and why I am on a ministry team even though there are days when it is hard.

Our day was a normal day in the life of East Lakes. Breakfast, team check-ins, team devotion. All of those things that keep us healthy as individuals and a team. Then we made our weekly call-ins to the office and did completed job responsibilities. Finally, we packed up to leave our wonderful host home and meander to Dayton, Ohio where we met up with our contact, toured the church we would be staying in, and went grocery shopping to cover meals for the upcoming couple of days.

Storytime with Aarika || www.GraceAccepted.comMy teammate Aarika and I decided to make our dinner tonight. We had the rare opportunity to cook, and while the meal was so simple, our time preparing it and eating together was wonderful. My teammate Johanna and I briefly exercised together before having story time with Aarika. Suddenly, our evening was invaded by a Nerf Gun Attack by Josh and Taylor.

Laughter filled the church we were staying in and it was beautiful to witness the relationships that God continues to nurture on our team.

I received an encouraging text message from a friend reminding me to read a Psalm we had agreed to study and that I was called to serve for a reason. I didn’t know how much I needed to hear those words, though, until I read them.

As I wound down for the evening, working on my devotion, I truly heard his voice. I was thinking about how I had to wake up earlier than normal tomorrow to go to our contact’s house to shower when I realized just how different this year would be without team. I was complaining about waking up a half hour early when, if I wasn’t on team, I would likely be in Lincoln, Nebraska, working a job or two, and being involved at church. However, I wouldn’t have my team. I wouldn’t know what it’s like to trust God to provide through the Body of Christ, and I wouldn’t need to understand what it means to know that Jesus truly is the Good Shepherd.

Sometimes on the road I feel like the sheep who has wandered from their flock. Team Ministry is this crazy call that makes no sense and is often overwhelming. Yet, our days are filled with such joy as we are figuring out how to live out the call and spread the gospel. Team has truly changed my relationship with the Shepherd.

Can I just say, though, that I’m glad I get to be the sheep and that Jesus is there to guide me? Even when I don’t know the way, he manages to help me find it like no one else can.

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