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Katie SadHi All! This is Jac, Katie’s awesome older sister!

She asked me to post something today, but gave me no other instructions! I’m sure you can imagine how excited I was about this! I immediately began hunting for embarrassing pictures, and lucked out! Really, I suppose I could just post a few photos and call it good! Right? But I won’t.

Instead, I’d like to tell you a little about Katie. For the most part, you’re here at Grace Accepted because you already know her and have an interest in her year with Captive Free! (If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting this amazing young woman? Please check out her Youth Encounter Profile!)

I was almost 7 when Katie was born, so I am lucky enough to actually remember much of her younger years! Which makes this post so much fun to write.

I firmly believe that Katie felt her calling to ministry early in life. Anyone who has known her for very long can probably recall moments where it jumped out at them too. When she was in elementary school our Pastor told her that she would be a pastor someday, and she believed that with everything in her.

Most little kids play house and school. Preparing dinner for their dolls, or teaching their stuffed animals the alphabet. But not Katie. She would line up her dolls in the living room and preach to them. She would give sermons, and teach them The Lord’s Prayer. Then she would sing hymns with them. Barney was well versed in the Lutheran Liturgy long before most kids have memorized the books of the Bible!

Katie 3 years old copy

Katie’s passion for ministry continued to grow, and while she no longer played church in the living room? Katie was at church every opportunity she had. Her friends were all kids from Sunday School and Confirmation, and into high school she stayed active with the church praise team and youth group – always having the end goal being to attend Seminary and become ordained.

In college she majored in Music, her main passion. But teaching music or leading an orchestra was never her plan. As a sophomore at Wayne State she began visiting Seminaries, but held out hope that she would be able to take a year off for team ministry with Captive Free.  (Captive Free has been hosting Vacation Bible School at our home church since before Katie was old enough to attend, so it was always something she wanted to do!)

Her senior year of college, Katie accepted a position at the Worship Arts Director at a small, newly planted ELCA Church in our hometown – having her drive 3 hours each direction twice per week to lead the praise team and help with Sunday services. She knew music and ministry were where she was meant to be. But she kept thinking about Captive Free, and finally in the 18 months following her graduation she decided that she would take the time now and have this experience.

Which brings us to where we are now.

Katie is up in Northern Minnesota, getting to know her teammates for Captive Free East Lakes and following her dreams! Her goal is still Seminary and eventually Pastoring her own church!

So I will leave you with this – a quick history of Katie and how she got where she is! (And I look forward to next week when I truly will post something embarrassing – because she’s in Minnesota with no internet or phone reception and can’t stop me!!)


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    1. Sorry to be so late to respond! Thank you, Janelle! We are officially out of training, so blog posts will be more regular! It’s been amazing so far!

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