A New Ride

Spoiler Alert: I haven’t blogged in a very long time.

Whew. Got that out of the way.

When I started Grace Accepted, I had one goal in mind: to share the news of what was happening while I traveled with the amazing organization Youth Encounter. I wanted to keep people up to date, let them know what states we’d visited, and share a little bit about how my team was growing and how my faith was changing through Jesus Christ.

With the exception of some lulls throughout the year, I had completed that goal with the end of my tenure on Captive Free East Lakes ’14-’15. As I settled into my new life as Youth Director in Small Town, Nebraska, I stopped blogging altogether. I didn’t always feel I had time or the right things to say.

But that wasn’t all. After a year on the road with complete strangers, I found myself thrown into a bit of a tizzy. My relationships with my teammates weren’t perfect, but they were unique in ways I would never experience again. I missed my time with Youth Encounter and all that God had created in me and around me through this opportunity. I missed meeting my unrealistic expectations of community and amazing worship. I missed living in a 15 passenger van. I missed creating music every day. I missed intentionally scheduled time for personal reflection with God. I missed trying to constantly form authentic relationships with new people in new places every couple of nights.

While I love my current call, I won’t lie and say the transition has been easy. I have had to learn and grow and be reformed. I have had to let God take the lead again, and sometimes I hold on to my version of the map a little too tightly.

With all of that in mind, I come to you today bringing a new goal for Grace Accepted. I am going to try jumping into the world of blogging again. The name isn’t changing – nor the place. Now, however, I really am going to try to learn about Grace. I want to share with you the authentic stories of being a twenty-six year old youth director who really doesn’t have it all together, but tries her best to live into a relationship with Jesus that knows no bounds.

I invite you, very openly and honestly, to join me on a new ride. A ride where trusting God comes with stumbles and falls, where lock-ins mean a very tired and irritable Katie, where marathon laundry sessions take place, and where Jesus is shining through in everything that happens. It won’t always be easy, and I’m pretty sure it won’t make sense, but I also know that it’s okay.

Won’t you join me in craving an authentic and grace filled relationship with Jesus Christ?

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