Being From Nebraska

If you’ve heard me talk about my team, you know that East Lakes hails from many different places around the world. Our experiences are vastly different from one another and our pasts make up beautiful stories about who we are and how we work together now. Our differences haven’t seemed to pose issues yet, except for one factor that seems to come up regularly.

Katie hails from the Cornhusker State: Nebraska.

Now, it’s not like my teammates are rude about it! Don’t get me wrong. I think they are all secretly jealous they don’t have such an awesome college football team to support and that their state is not the home of Kool-Aid! But at our first host home in Cushing, WI the state of Nebraska became the punch line of a joke that is sure to live on for an entire year.

Our host family prepared a lovely meal for us of different soups, fruit, and corn on the cob. Now, I really enjoy corn on the cob. It’s one of my favorite vegetables (third in line only to green beans and asparagus). So we sat down to dinner, taught the Batman table grace, and began eating. Our host mom had put the little yellow pokey skewers on the table for each of us. I didn’t realize it, didn’t use them, and began eating my corn using the hands that God gave me.

With little hesitation, one of my teammates asked where my skewers were. I was slightly embarrassed and found them quickly. To defend myself, I explained that my family had never used holders for our corn on the cob, we just used our hands. Aarika, without missing a beat, chimed in with one sentence that will forever change my team tenure.

“Well, you are from Nebraska.”

Yes, I am! And I wouldn’t have it any other way!


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