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by Katie on August 15, 2014

Fab Five Articles - Aug15

Every Friday I am going to try and post a blog called Fab Five Fridays. Wherein I will post five fabulous things that will (usually) have a theme to them. So here we go with Fab Five Fridays: Articles Read.

(5) Why Rest Takes Courage by Emily Freeman ((in)courage)
I have selected this blog post because, for me, it spoke volumes when I read it. I am preparing for a year of almost 24/7 ministry and just recently left a bivocational lifestyle. I am spending a couple of weeks with my sister in Colorado, and I am choosing to rest before my life takes off again. Emily Freeman’s blog post was amazing and made the bit of guilt I was feeling from not being productive fade away as I realized I was preparing myself for a life of service and was taking time to worship God in my own way, with my people, and in my own time.

(4) 5 Ways to Simplify Your Life by Kim Hunt (Relevant Magazine Online Article)
Whose life doesn’t need some simplicity? Since my next year is all about living simply and on faith (after all, home is a 15 passenger van, suitcase, and overnight bag…) I found this article from Relevant Magazine a great read. (I really like step 5, too!)

(3) ‘What Did Robin Williams Have To Be Sad About?’ Isn’t A Question You Should Be Asking by Lindsey Holmes (Huffington Post)
The death of Robin Williams shook many people this week. It evoked a number of emotions and questions, but in this article, Holmes states beautifully the truth about this situation: we don’t have a right to know what made him sad. Depression is a debilitating state and one that is hard to understand unless you’ve been there. As people, we have the right to mourn and question death, but we don’t have a right to judge.

(2) 5 Easy Breakfast Ideas by Juley Le (The Everygirl)
Most people who know me know that I am not a fan of eating the exact same meal multiple days in a row. It’s the complete opposite of most of my family’s practices. So when I find a blog with quick, healthy food ideas, I jump on bookmarking that post! These breakfasts look delicious!

(1) Church Leaders, There Is No Community Without Communications by Paul Steinbrueck (Christian Web Trends)
Having served as a Director of Worship Arts for two years and growing up with a parent on church council and very involved in leadership positions, I know how vital communication can be and this blog post/article does a great job of outlining why good communication is beneficial to a community. Seeing as I will be experiencing an intense community of living with other worship leaders in a 15 passenger van for the next year, maybe some reading on communication will be beneficial!

That’s the Fab Five Friday for this week! See ya soon!

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