Fab Five Fridays: Church Life!

Church Life || www.GraceAccepted.comCaptive Free East Lakes has adapted well to staying in different locations. I had spent a few of my high school nights enjoying lock-ins at my church and even slept in one or two churches on youth trips and such, but I have slept in a number of different churches and have learned quite a bit about how to stay comfortable and have fun while we’re at it.

05. The youth room usually has the best couches and removing the cushions from the back of the couch gives more space and makes for more comfortable sleeping arrangements.

04. If the lights are on a motion-sensor, even putting paper over the sensor might not keep it from turning on bright and early in the morning and waking up you and all of your teammates.

03. Passing the time with movies, board games, card games, and late night conversations is wonderful. Bonding time at the church is almost guaranteed if you take advantage of it.

02. Often, churches provide some of the best snacks for these nights! We have enjoyed chips and salsa/dip, fruit, popcorn, cookies, sweets, and a variety of other great foods!

01. Hide & Seek in churches is great, but someone will always wind up being the one who is at the end of a scare-tactic by the other teammates. Often, that person is me.

And that’s the way we do when we are hosted in a church. It’s a wonderful experience, actually! While I love host families and staying with them is one of my favorite parts of team ministry, having a night without host home obligations is sometimes refreshing and a chance to rejuvenate for the next day of ministry.

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