Go Huskers! Er…Badgers?

by Katie on December 16, 2014

If you’ve read Grace Accepted for a while you may be aware of the fact that I am fairly proud of my Nebraska heritage. It is often common knowledge that residents of Nebraska are all but required to pledge their allegiance to the Nebraska Cornhuskers. We cheer on our athletic teams, particularly in football, through thick and thin. I am no exception to this rule.

At the start of the team year, I began bantering with Steven, the drummer from Captive Free East Coast, about college football and learned that he is a Wisconsin Badgers fan. A few fighting words and some laughter later, the two of us agreed to place a small wager on the Wisconsin v. Nebraska game taking place on November 15. The losing team’s fan agreed, very willingly, to take a pie in the face at Midwinter Training.

Pre Pie-ing Rituals || www.GraceAccepted.com

The season was going fairly well and, to be honest, I thought I had a chance. From the van on our way to Livonia, MI, I followed the start of the game. Upon the start of a game night at the church we were at, the Huskers were ahead. I thought I was safe, Steven had texted me and stated that he was mentally preparing for his pie at training, and I was enjoying chatting it up with a Nebraska native and her husband before our pizza dinner.

Post Pie-ing Results || www.GraceAccepted.comOut of nowhere, my teammate Taylor asked me if I had checked the Nebraska score. He broke the news that by halftime, my beloved Huskers were losing substantially. My family, knowing the stakes of the game, had sent me texts saying things like Give up and take the pie... or I hope you’re hungry! They wished me well knowing that I was likely going to be experiencing a painful pie in the face within the month. The game ended with a final score of 59-24, Wisconsin lead, and a text to Steven informing him that I preferred cream pies that wouldn’t stain my clothes.

On December 11, 2014, with mild amounts of gloating, Steven had the opportunity to pie me in the face with the Youth Encounter community looking on. It may not have been one of my proudest moments, but it was a great ending to my fall and a memory that’s sure to last for quite some time! (I also may have learned that I probably shouldn’t bet on football…)

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