Heaven is a long time to wait

Watch Out Kate!

I love being able to share potentially embarrassing moments about my sister with you! (Which is obviously why I agreed to write this post!)

The above photo is the perfect example! In December of 2008, Scribber was 6 months old and had JUST sat up by herself for the first time that day! My husband and I were in town visiting our families, and we had a big dinner at my in-laws house with all of us! Kate was so excited that Scrib could sit up that she wanted a picture, so we sat up the baby and Kate sat next to her. Then, this happened. And I laughed. Really, really hard! (After making sure The Scrib was ok, of course!)

Katie? She was a bit more concerned. She was afraid she’d scarred the poor kid for life. (She didn’t. At least not until she’s old enough to enjoy this photo!)

But that’s not where I’m really going… I have another story to tell you.

When Katie was 4 years old, she went to VBS at our home church in Lincoln, Nebraska. She had so much fun, and when the Captive Free team left on Friday afternoon she was inconsolable. (Katie cried a lot – at least from my viewpoint as a much older, much wiser sister!)

So that night over a dinner of Meatloaf and Green Beans (ok, I have no idea what we actually had – but that was one of my favorite meals at home, so let’s run with it!) Katie was still crying and she said “I’ll never see them again.” She cried some more, but then finally through her sobs, she said “Well, I’ll see them in Heaven. But that’s a long time to wait.”

While I have no idea whatever happened to that team of Captive Free (Central Plains from 1993ish)? I know that they obviously left a lasting impression on my kid sister, who has officially taken of for her life in Team Ministry! (She writes when she get a chance, and is enjoying her training in Northern Minnesota! She loves her team, and so far it’s lived up to all her hopes!)

So in closing, I will leave you with the following verse:  Psalms 59:16 But I will sing of your strength; I will sing aloud of your steadfast love in the morning. For you have been to me a fortress and a refuge in the day of my distress.

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