I’ll Be Home For Christmas!

On December 12 I departed St. Paul, Minnesota for Lincoln and arrived at home safe and sound after a slightly bumpy, but overall successful, flight on Delta. While I was somewhat sad to leave my teammates and the other teamers, I was incredibly excited to arrive home! It’s so great to see my family, sleep in my own bed, and get to fall back into the routine of watching The Tonight Show before bed.

Skating | www.graceaccepted.comA highlight of my trip home was that my sister Jac and her daughter, Scribber, came home for a visit! Being on the road I try to text, Facebook, and talk to Jac as much as I can. My sister is one of my favorite people! However, sometimes we don’t have time to chat due to differing timezones, schedules, and lives.

We enjoyed a few different activities together, but the best was taking my niece ice skating! Scribber plays hockey at home, so she’s a pro on the ice! I may not be so talented, but I made it work and we had a beautiful night skating outdoors at the Railyard and enjoying the Christmas music.

Skating | www.graceaccepted.comThe rest of my trip home has been relatively uneventful, though I have enjoyed being with my church family at Spirit of Hope for a cookie walk and Christmas program, visiting my coworkers and the wonderful residents at Tabitha, and seeing a few friends from camp and college. With Christmas just a couple of short days away, I’m preparing to join the praise team at Spirit of Hope for the celebration of Christ’s birth!

I may miss my teammates (and I do), but this break is another blessing. I remember how much I love my family and friends (and Nebraska!), but I also get to appreciate the joys of Team Ministry that much more.

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