It Takes Love

It’s been a few weeks since I started my list of 101 goals in 1001 days! I can’t say that I’m getting anywhere fast, but this list is already changing things.

I find myself reflecting more on the choices I make and their purpose in my life. You see, we all make choices every day. Choices to sit on the couch and watch Netflix instead of going for a walk. Choices to go to the same old restaurant and eat the same old food instead of trying something new. Choices to focus inward instead of outward.

They’re small choices – small things, but those small things can make a big difference, can’t they?

I was in an MRI when Donald Trump gave his Inauguration speech. I have looked it up, I have read a transcript, and I have formed my own opinions of the choices he has already made while in office, of the campaign he had already chosen to run. I continue to read news articles and attempt to find factual information to better myself and my knowledge of the state of political affairs in the country I live in.

I then, sometimes, make the mistake of reading the comments on said articles – both on social media posts and their original media outlets. And I find myself disheartened.

Blog - Proverbs 10 12I’m disheartened at the language we choose to use with one another simply because we disagree. I’m disheartened at the unwillingness to learn and grow, the unwillingness to meet together and speak to understand. I’m disheartened that we cannot agree to treat one another with dignity and respect – that we cannot see each other as children of God.

It takes all kinds to live in this world – to have a world that functions efficiently and effectively. It takes different walks of life, different worldviews, and different skills. It takes you and it takes me. It takes those who have similar political views and those who can make us question. It takes people who are willing to work tirelessly behind the scenes and those who are willing to stand up and shout their opinions loud and proud.

And above all, it takes a willingness to love even when that choice is hard.

So this week I started knitting a blanket… and I watched a new movie. This week I made small steps on my list, but a bigger step is taking the time to make informed decisions. Decisions with meaning.

Decisions to respect others, to view them as chosen by God even when disagreement is present.

Maybe next week I’ll be able to check off more items on the list, but today, the list is a reminder that it takes us all – and it takes intentional choices to listen and learn.

But most of all: It takes love.

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