Blogging. This thing that I tell you all that I will do and I then get busy and distracted and I don’t do it. I’m so sorry. (Not that you probably hang on my every word, but I do like to keep my promise to keep people updated, so I am truly sorry that I haven’t been writing…)

Since Memorial Day, our team has been in a bit of limbo. It’s supposed to be the start of Vacation Bible School (VBS) season, but we haven’t had a single VBS to lead yet. This has been a challenge, to say the least, but still a great few weeks. I am very much looking forward to VBS, as it’s a huge part of why I wanted to join team in the first place. But while I wait for the start of a new chapter of our year, let me catch you up on what we’ve done recently.

Terre Haute, IN Baseball || www.GraceAccepted.comToday’s topic? Terre Haute, Indiana. Our boys stayed with an awesome host family who invited Johanna, Aarika, and I to join them at a prospect league baseball game for a team known as the Terre Haute Rex! Little did we know that we were going to have one of those surreal nights on team…

Not only had we been interviewed and a part of a news article about the Food Packaging we facilitated the day of the game, but when we got to the game we were told they wanted to introduce our team at the top of the 6th inning. There we sat – a volunteer ministry team out to glorify God – and they wanted to let everyone know that we were here and served with a church for Food Packaging that day. We didn’t deserve any of the glory, it was all for God. But we agreed anyway. Not only did our teammate Taylor get interviewed for a radio stream, but we were introduced and recognized for our sacrifice of one year to serve.

It was humbling, though, to share where we are from with so many people and get to give them a taste of the Gospel while we were at it. We had the opportunity to share our mission, and while it felt like we were totally unworthy of the attention, hopefully God could use that time to let someone know of his presence – and even more than that – to let them see his hands and feet here on Earth.

Terre Haute Baseball || www.GraceAccepted.comI met the mascot, we all enjoyed watching the game, and Johanna even learned a little bit about baseball! The Terre Haute Rex won the game, as well! It doesn’t get better than that, does it?

It might — Aarika, Johanna, and I stopped at Taco Bell for quesadillas on the way home. (Yes, slightly disgusting food, but sometimes we all have to splurge…)

It may not have been VBS, but it was an amazing weekend of a lock-in with great youth, food packaging, worship, and baseball. I wouldn’t trade those memories (or some of these pictures) for anything!

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