Playing While We Work!

by Katie on October 20, 2014

Hayrack Ride with TeammatesOn the road, we have been blessed with amazing experiences on team! Host families and churches are incredibly kind and enjoy sharing with us a number of activities, foods, and stories. We are invited to be a part of so many events and every day seems to hold something new and exciting!

Not too long ago we had a booking in a small town in Ohio. Upon our arrival, we discovered that they were having a campfire that Saturday night. We provided a short program of sing-a-longs and other music, but we also just got to have some fun! Our team was part of dinner, a hayrack ride, fire (with s’mores making!) and my teammate Johanna even got to play some soccer.

Our hayrack ride was filled with laughter and fun, even if we were a little chilly! Captive Free East Lakes may be the oldest team by average age this year, but it certainly didn’t stop us from throwing hay at one another and enjoying the company of not only our team, but the members of the community around us.

So much of our ministry isn’t about the music or the worship, but about the relationships we form on the road. We may only be somewhere for a couple of nights, but we share a part of ourselves in every city, town, church, and home we visit. We leave a bit more of Christ’s love and knowledge of his amazing gift of life with the people we meet. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like much and we don’t get to see the fruit of the seed we may plant, but we trust that God continues to nurture the work that he had us take part in.

Katie w/ Hay

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