Random Musings from Starbucks

As I sit nursing my iced coffee in a very crowded Starbucks surrounded by my teammates, I find myself at a loss for what to write. You see, for the longest time I have found myself struggling to blog as regularly because I felt like I was writing only for myself. I often wondered who bothered with reading my blogs and why I put so much time into them.

What I failed to think about in that time was how God uses my blogs in unique ways and if the words I write can touch even one person then they are worth it. Sometimes, the person my blogs can help is even myself. Yet, the other day I received a text message from my friend Sarah on West Lakes.

Without breaking her confidence, she told me that my blogs (as well as other team blogs) had changed her mindset about some things happening on the road.

Suddenly I realized that blogging wasn’t just about me, for me, or worthless – God can use anything to reach his people, and sometimes he uses words that I don’t even realize I had said or typed. This has happened to me on the road more than once through a sharing, a caring word toward a youth, an encouragement toward a host family, or a call to another teamer.

In the ever so elegant words of Paul:
romans 10-15

Those feet are my feet and your feet. They are the feet of young and old, white and black, rostered or lay leadership. They are feet of all languages, all backgrounds, and all churches. They are feet of innocence and of experience.

On the road, I have been blessed to experience so many pairs of beautiful feet simply sharing the Good News. It’s the Body of Christ, alive and well on Earth, and it’s truly inspiring.

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