Real Talk: What’s the Focus?

Shortly after signing a letter of call to team ministry I was asked to write a short bio for the Youth Encounter website. Part of writing that biography is choosing a verse to be associated with your page. I chose one of my favorite verses:

Ephesians 4:1 ||

Some days it’s easy to lose sight of the call. It can be so hard to remember that God has a reason for us to serve, a knowledge of what is coming, and why and how we are equipped to handle his plan. Despite his foresight, as humans, we can still forget God’s place in our call.

At least, I know that I do.

Our team attended worship at Evangel Heights church while we stayed in Saxonburg, Pennsylvania as we made the journey to Pittsburgh for a QuakeZone. We heard an amazing message about worship, but then we did worship with music and prayer.

I realized quickly that I had lost sight of my call. I didn’t remember why I was here, on team, and who I was serving. Even more so, I had lost sight of why I was serving and instead turned the focus on to the thought of “What can Katie get from this?”

This is a detrimental and risky mindset to find yourself in. God deserves our worship and service, and our constant focus. If our focus is somewhere other than on God and the call he has for us, there is no possible way to serve him fully. There is no way to lead a life worthy of our call when our focus is skewed.

The amazing part of this story, though, is that God gave us a huge gift. It’s a gift called grace. Through the life, death, and resurrection of his son, Jesus Christ, our sins – even our lack of focus and inability to fulfill our call – have already been payed for. Jesus died on the cross. He was killed because we are so loved that God wanted more than this earthly existence for us. And thus, he rose again, promising us a gift of eternal life in Heaven where there will be no more sorrow, pain, or suffering. God promises us joy forever so long as we trust in him.

I have faith that I have been made new. I am forgiven by my father for losing sight of my call and failing to minister to the fullest potential. I have to work every day at ministering with my teammates and the people we serve. I have to fight myself to keep my focus on God and how to serve him.

It’s a daily challenge. It will be long after team is over, but hopefully today I can start over and, with God’s strength, each day will be the best we can possibly make it be.

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