Seeing the Fruit of Our Labors

by Katie on April 1, 2015

One of the unique things about team ministry is that people want to know about your experiences and often you are asked questions that require thoughtful answers. To be honest, I have some cookie-cutter answers that I’m almost always prepared to give to questions like: Why did you join Captive Free? What place has been your favorite? Do you miss home? 

But one of the questions we get asked that I think about each time is What is the hardest part of team ministry?” 

The answer to this question could change on a daily basis. Team is full of struggles. While my experience has been that the joys outweigh the difficulties, hard moments still happen. One of the hardest things I had to adjust to was short-term ministry. When we are only with a church for a night or two, relationships are hard to form. Even more so, we don’t always see the results of the relationships we form and know if we were able to make a difference.

In Spring Lake, Michigan this month, East Lakes had a youth night, standard program, and led two worship services. We were busy, but it was wonderful! Johanna, Aarika, and I stayed with a very kind and generous host family. Over waffles on Saturday morning our host mom shared with me the story of how she came to be in a relationship with Christ. I learned from her, but when asked about my faith walk, I was able to share so much of myself with her. A part of me will always be in that home.

Sunday morning, after worship, I visited with a lady from the congregation who thanked me profusely for giving of my time and energy to this ministry. Through the course of our discussion, she admitted that she had been struggling with her faith, but that our worship service had been uplifting to her. She expressed that our team had helped to reignite in her a flame.

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That weekend I saw the fruits of our labors – a labor that isn’t ours, but is God’s. He works in and through this team every day and for that I am grateful and humbled that I can be called to be a part of it. Through both our struggles and joys, we share the truth of the gospel with those we serve. What an experience!

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