From the time I started taking communion in third grade, I loved communion bread. To say loved might be an understatement, and in my household, that was not an uncommon thought. My sister and I had this tendency of asking for our mother to bake communion bread for all of the major […]

Not too long ago I posted about staying in churches. As much as I do enjoy the laid back atmosphere in a church with my team, we haven’t had host homes in over a week. Tonight, we had our first host home experience in a while. It was glorious. So here […]

In life, I find that it’s easy to become complacent when looking for things to be thankful for, reasons to praise God, and day-to-day joys that should be acknowledged and lifted up. I often find myself dwelling in the problems or the fears that come up. Sometimes it is overwhelming to […]

Every Friday I am going to try and post a blog called Fab Five Fridays. Wherein I will post five fabulous things that will (usually) have a theme to them. So here we go with Fab Five Fridays: Articles Read. (5) Why Rest Takes Courage by Emily Freeman ((in)courage) I have selected this blog […]