Blogging. This thing that I tell you all that I will do and I then get busy and distracted and I don’t do it. I’m so sorry. (Not that you probably hang on my every word, but I do like to keep my promise to keep people updated, so I […]

On December 12 I departed St. Paul, Minnesota for Lincoln and arrived at home safe and sound after a slightly bumpy, but overall successful, flight on Delta. While I was somewhat sad to leave my teammates and the other teamers, I was incredibly excited to arrive home! It’s so great […]

You may or may not be familiar with the online concept of a Throwback Thursday, but since it is Thursday and today marks our return to the Youth Encounter office for Midwinter Training, I figured I would throwback to our initial training and tell you one of my favorite stories […]

Youth Encounter isn’t just about music! In fact, it’s a small part of what we do and what makes our team function. Music is often a foot in the door, but we do so much more. Youth Encounter uses music as a gateway for relational ministry! We have dinner with […]