Taste the Rainbow (East Lakes Edition)

by Katie on March 18, 2015

One of the coolest experiences on team is trying new restaurants and local shopping opportunities. Since starting my year, I’ve been in a number of local Mexican, Thai, Pizza, and Chinese restaurants, tried some area diners, and shopped in an Aldi, Meijer, and a number of other stores I had never heard of.

Sheetz Run || www.GraceAccepted.comMy teammate Josh, being from Pennsylvania, has a love for the gas station Sheetz. Sheetz has made-to-order food that is just fantastic and he introduced all of us to its joy in Youngstown, Ohio way back in January. We happened to be in Youngstown again for an evening recently and made a late-night Sheetz run once more.

I ordered some Mac ‘n’ Cheese Bites, because – honestly – they are SO GOOD. But I also decided I wanted something sweet and picked up a bag of Skittles. That’s when it hit me. There are five flavors of Skittles and five members of East Lakes. What if we were the Skittles?

So here it is:
Taste the Rainbow (East Lakes Edition)

Strawberry/Katie – Strawberries are a well-loved fruit that tend to taste better when they are in-season. As far as strawberry Skittles go, I don’t know anyone who hates them or loves them unconditionally. So I went neutral for myself. I’m not a very good judge…
Orange/Josh – Orange skittles are very ‘take-me-as-I-am.’ They’re orange, they taste like oranges. How much more straightforward can you be? My teammate Josh is very straightforward as well. He knows himself, what he likes, and what he wants – and he goes for it! (Orange might also be his favorite color!)
Lemon/Johanna (Lemon/Johanna)- While Lemon tends to be a love-it or hate-it flavor for candy fans, I love lemon Skittles and I love my teammate Johanna! She tends to be able to find the positive side of a situation, even when the rest of us are down. Not only that, but Johanna loves the sunshine, and what better color to represent that then the Lemon-ey Yellow of a Skittle!
Green Apple/Taylor – In 2014 Lime Skittles were replaced with the Green Apple flavor. In 2014, Taylor rebooted his ministry with Youth Encounter by joining his 2nd Ministry team, this time trading the International Acoustic Flavors of New Dawn for the National Electric Flavors of East Lakes. So he gets to be the newest flavor. He also stated that he prefers the Green Apple Skittles to Lime, so it’s rather fitting.
Grape/Aarika – Grape is a pretty standard flavor in most candies, Skittles included. Aarika is consistent with a smile, a helpful hand, and her drum beat. She is dependable while giving our team a little extra pizzazz. We would be so lost without her!

There you have it. East Lakes as defined by Skittles flavors. Each unique, but together making up a whole rainbow. It’s pretty awesome, isn’t it?

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