There’s No Place Like Home

by Katie on January 6, 2015

Captive Free East Lakes – A ministry team serving in the East Lakes Region that includes Michigan, some Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Tennessee, and some western Pennsylvania and western New York.

Captive Free East Lakes – A ministry team serving a region that does not include Nebraska.

But even if Nebraska isn’t east of many lakes, especially the Great ones, our team spent a weekend serving my home church in Lincoln right after we hit the road for event season. I had never truly dreamt that we would be booked in my hometown, even though I had joked with our client services staff that it would be a perfect booking opportunity. I knew that there was no logical way to swing our team that far west. I mean, really, East is even in the region name.

Yet, it worked out, and I had the amazing opportunity to share the people who have become an integral part of my life with the community of faith that has supported and encouraged me in this ministry on so many levels. It was so rejuvenating to be home! I was able to connect with friends who I hadn’t been able to talk to about team life much. It was a joy to share in music, worship, and relational ministry with Spirit of Hope. Not only that, but my family and friends had a chance to get to know my teammates a little bit better!

Lincoln || www.graceaccepted.comI didn’t expect it to be so hard to share my team with my home. While I spent the two weeks of break talking with everyone how amazing my teammates are, telling stories from the road, and expressing my excitement at getting to visit Lincoln with them, once we arrived it was hard for me to watch others provide for my team. In some ways, I enjoy knowing that they are a piece of my life that no one else can fully understand and appreciate like I do. A teammate relationship is special in so many ways. When else in life do you experience a team of five that acts as roommates, coworkers, friends, family, and a faith community all at one time? I didn’t know how I felt about others experiencing the team’s presence at first.

Yet, to see my teammates bless the community I love with their infectious smiles, joy, and servant hearts was warming and reassuring. I am with the right people, even when I don’t understand it all, and God uses us in big and small ways every day. I am blessed and honored to serve with them. We may have left Lincoln, my hometown, but for this year my home is in the blue fifteen-passenger van that transports my team, my family. I may not be sleeping in my bed at night, but in this day, with these people, I am truly home. No matter where that home may be…

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